Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ashley's Presents

Ashley's Present

Title:  Ashley's Present
Date: ????
Medium: Ink, Pitt Pen

Notes:  I have a tendency to look up quotes for my fiancee and then write them down places... well this one I thought was exceptionally inspirational for her, so I tried to make an illustration for it for her.

Flower "Cup"

Title: Flower "Pot"
Date: May 9, 2013
Medium: Gouache, Pen

Notes:  I had a board laying around that Ashley painted the backdrop to and I just painted right on top of it and then used markers and pigment liners right on top of. This was fun!

Blue and Green Having a Battle

Title: Blue and Green Having a Battle
Date: ????
Medium: Watercolor
Scale: Original is 18" x 24"

Notes:  I was just staring up at the sky and for some reason the combination of the new spring leaves (the green) and the bright blue of the sky were vibrating. Couple that with the strong black lines of the tree itself and it just seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. This was fun because it was actually the first canvas I'd painted on.

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