Sunday, June 9, 2013

Been a Minute

"Through Fire and Flames" - DragonForce

Sorry I haven't been around for a bit, but I just wanted to throw a quick update for everyone. I have been drawing like a madman lately (stuff that I can't show yet as it's a project that my fiancee and I have been working on together), but I thought it would be nice to just show you guys that I'm not dead yet!

Either way, more updates are definitely on the way. I would like to get back to what I was doing last summer and try and update like every other day or something.

Also, the other reason that I haven't been updating is that I'm getting back into wood carving, and not only does that stuff take a while to do, but it also doesn't tend to look like much until the end result. Gotta get those guns, and what better way to do that then to carve like a beast. BEASTMODE!

Assorted Anatomy

Title: Assorted Anatomy
Date: January - May 2013
Medium: Graphite
Scale: Each 'page' is 11" x 14"

Notes:  The majority of these are supposed to be full-page spreads of anatomy study. The hands and feet were meant to be a double-page spread that would act as one piece, but the way the picture was taken (one day I need to make a damn light-box) makes them look like separate pieces. The skull studies though (I actually was looking through Mentler's pieces and really analyzing them to the max} are more from just analyzing. 

Ashley's Storytime

Title: Ashley's Storytime
Medium: Watercolor, Ink, Graphite
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes:  I was watching her read from life, and just decided this would be a great time to do some life painting. Of course it was done with a sketch first, then I just started laying down tones of color that reflected the surrounding garden area. The ink parts are mainly just in the border.

Charcoal Studies

Title: Charcoal Studies
Date: January - May 2013
Medium: Charcoal
Scale: Varies

Notes:  I had started these by watching old 'film-noir' esque movies on Hulu, but they (de?)volved into just really quick studies. I was just having fun. The interesting (at least I think so) part was that the charcoal was actually right out of my fire pit that was next to me while I was drawing.

Palette Cleansing

Title: Palette Cleansing
Date: Jan - May 2013
Medium: Gouache, Ink, White-out Pen
Scale: Each 'piece' is 11" x 14"

Notes:  Each piece here was a combination of reduction and testing of color. I tend to use my background color as a good piece of my finished piece, so I wanted to experiment with different color approaches. The backdrop was actually made from cleaning my palettes that I was using for my watercolors. I think would lay down the character in ink and pigment liners (the colored kind) and the extremely simplify the backgrounds so that they were just basic lines to give each of them a context.

Comic Characters

Title: Comic Characters
Medium: Graphite

Notes:  Cora, Cora, Cora. I wonder if maybe I draw her too much? I think she will end up being a character that I stick with for awhile. I actually want to try and start writing something about her sometime to try my hand at some writing. I've already drawn her more (need to take more images - ugh]. I need to hire someone to take these shots and then talk about them... anyone wanna be my official blog-updater? :P


Title: InkSperiments
Date: January - May 2013
Medium: Ink
Scale: Each 'piece' is 11" x 14"

Notes:  Each image here was done literally in like five-minutes. I wasn't allowed to look down at my paper and so the proportion was completely out of whack, but it was another interesting experiment.

Ink Reductions

Title: Ink Reductions
Date: January - May 2013
Medium: Ink
Scale: Each 'piece' is 11" x 14"

Notes:  These are on the opposite end of that spectrum. Complete reductions (to the point where a ton of detail gets lost) were the name of the game here.  As you can see in the portraits of 'Comic-Book Life' the lack of detail can make for an interesting silhouette. I think that this might be the most important part of comic-books, is to be able to get a readable character or whatever simply off of a single flat tone.

Characters in Motion

Title: Characters in Motion
Date: May 9, 2013
Medium: Graphite
Scale: Each 'piece' is 11" x 14"

Notes:  This was simply an attempt to capture a character in motion.

Skeleton Washes

Title: Skeleton Washes
Date: January - May 2013
Medium: Ink (left), Charcoal (right)
Scale: Each 'piece' is 11" x 14"

Notes:  Yet again, the anatomy study continues. Two different approaches to doing skeletons. If you ever use tombow markers, as they go out I strongly suggest you keep them (or give them to me), because you can mix water over them with a brush and get those really nice washes that the left piece has.

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  1. those are great!! I love the profile of the gal with glasses :3