Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cornwell, You Sir, Are a Rascal

Cornwell is a Rascal

Title: Cornwell is a Rascal
Date: July 15 & 16, 2013
Medium: Photoshop
Scale: Same as Above.

Notes: So, I was trying out a master study. I've been told that they are useful, and honestly... I can't agree more after trying it out now that I feel a little comfortable with my painting skills. Of course, this is not comfort in the fact that I'm good at it by far, but comfort in the fact that I don't get discouraged after five minutes of painting.
Here's the source image: $2000 Reward
I think after painting for like an hour or so and really getting a feeling of the paint, I then realized that not only was the figure too wide, but the actual image itself was like half an inch to the left.
This was really my second exploration into the whole 'flipping the canvas' every like fifteen minutes. It seemed to really help.
Either way, I think my colors are a little more accurate than they've been in awhile. No color sampling for me. As I think that's flat out cheating.


  1. Overall your colors got pretty grey here. The rocks are much, much warmer in the source, and the shadows have a warmer undertone with a more blue, cool lay-in. I know directly painting via color picking is a sin, but you may want to color pick your way around some paintings to see how the color in them is actually working.

    Also it may help for you to do smaller studies that you spend less time on so you can focus solely on handling the color without the temptation to finish it a little more than you should.

  2. Also, I will pistol whip you if you keep calling him Cornwall :D