Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Independent Study -- Maris 2

Yay! My scanner is working again!

Independent Study: Maris 2

Title: Independent Study: Maris 2
Date: September 6 - 10, 2013
Medium: Pencil, Brush and Ink
Scale: Each 'page' is 9" x 12"

Notes: Continuing on with more refining of the Marionettes. I think I have their anatomy more finalized with a newer piece that I am currently working on (robot nudes are a bit more complicated because of all the interconnecting plates than dealing with human soft flesh). I have to finalize it with ink and then I'll have that one up and ready to go.
So during critique last Monday I was tasked with taking a portrait of the male Marionette to full fledged piece and also with finalizing the anatomy and making the males a bit more distinct than the females (I still want them to have a certain amount of androgyny compared to the females). And lastly to take the gang leader and begin transferring it to a full sketch. I will need to find good reference material for the motorcycle as well as pose reference, but that will come very soon.
Working working working, that's the name of the game!

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