Monday, October 14, 2013

A Blemmye?

Blemmye Comic

Title: Blemmye Comic
Date: October 9 - 11, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3

Notes: My first real foray into comics that aren't assigned.
Ashley (my fiancee) was just sitting here talking about some awesome legendary creatures the other day and told me to make an interpretation based off them, but with some twists. 
This creature is based off of Blemmyes.
The only thing that I could go off was some comic breakdown of the exposing moment. 

Blemmye Rendition

Title: Blemmye Rendition
Date: October 10 & 11, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Original is 6" x 9"

Notes: Again, using Ashley's rendition of the creature, I wanted to take it to the full illustration.
Not only was this an awesome test of painting, but also of concepting. I wanted to make something that would really push me in both aspects, and with such awesome concepts being bred by mah lady, I can't help but start to really try my ass off to get something awesome from her ideas!

"A more powerful witch who devours soulds through her eyes, which are mouths. She is otherwise blind and sustains her existence on the soulds she captures. The captured remain animated, but soulless. The soulds reside on the stomach of the witch and remain visible there until fully drained." -- (creature created by: Ashley Webb)

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