Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Illustration 3 -- Visual Metaphors & Final Project

Illustration 3: Visual Metaphors

Title: Illustration 3: Visual Metaphors
Date: September 14 - 19, 2013
Medium: Pencil, Brush and Ink, Photoshop CS3
Scale: Each final was created at 6" x 6", but the prints were 3" x 3"

Notes: For this assignment we were given a list of words (that are available on the top image) and we had to combine them in various ways to get a visual metaphor from the word combination. And then to make it even more complicated, we were only allowed to use three colors total for each piece.
These were my results.
From the thumbs themselves I actually created more than just these that will end up as full-color illustrations in the near future. The only reason I didn't do them for this assignment was because of the limited color palette that we were assigned to work with. No worries though, they'll end up on future illustrations!
Anyway, going from top to bottom, here's the results:
  1. Aging - Juxtaposition
  2. Faith - Only Shadow
  3. Fear - Interior
  4. Greed - Sequence
  5. Isolation - Only Hands
  6. Leadership - Only Animals
  7. Love - Still Life
  8. Revolution - Cityscape
My process for these was kinda crazy because I line-arted them first, then tried to get rid of the outlines by using pure color massing. Like I said, we were only allowed three spot colors, so it was pretty damn tricky. Regardless though, I think they turned out okay. Honestly I wonder what would happen if I were to approach them later as either full-color illustrations or to just posterize or sharpen them, or use my oil-brushes instead of a hard round for that added texture. Hmmm... the possibilities, right?

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