Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's an Anatomy, Saturday

So, I found another site very similar to posemanics, only a bit more refined. Quickposes. It has these really cool challenge modes. Try it out!
Also, because I'm a little slow on the pickup, Marc Brunet has this awesome tutorial on how to make custom brushes. Because of this, I've pretty much changed (again) my method for painting digitally. I made a slew of custom brushes that react very similarly to real art tools. Plus some neat brushes that I've been wanting for awhile that don't exist (at least that I've found).

Anyway, on to the art...

Anatomy Color Studies

Title: Anatomy Color Studies
Date: November 4 & 8, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Varies

Notes: Because of those custom brushes that I was going on about, I was able to streamline even further the anatomy study. It's a much more chunky paint style that I rather enjoy. Of course, I need to refine it further (these were all timed at about tenish minutes). I'll probably continue doing a jabeebus load more of these as always.

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  1. Think you should take more time with these as you said, and focus more on the actual anatomy and less on a style of painting. Your proportions are off and there's little indication of understanding the underlying anatomy. Back to basics -always- helps. Don't worry so much about timing yourself; anatomy studies should be about learning anatomy, not speed.