Monday, November 3, 2014

A Mish / Mash

InkTober: In Memorial



Title: InkTober: In Memorial
Date: October 2014
Medium: Ink
Scale: Varies.

Notes: Every InkTober thus far, I have been very productive. Somehow this one got away from me. It's okay though, this semester has been one of extreme growth and I can't complain. I still had lots of fun sketching really fast for this InkTober and I hope to jump in next year.

Title: Babies
Medium: Gouache on Canvas
Scale: Each 'piece' is 3" x 3"

Notes: At the upcoming Holiday Bazaar at MCA, I will be selling these with their Illustration Club. Just a quick, fun experiment with some gouache.

The Offering

Title: The Offering
Medium: Gouache on Illustration Board
Scale: Original is approx. 3.5" x 14"

Notes: Ashley has a huge fascination with all things water-borne, so I thought it would be awesome to paint a piece specifically for her. The photo didn't turn out the greatest so it looks better in person, but it was a ton of fun to just stop questioning and just paint.

And More Zoodles


Title: And More Zoodles
Medium: Ink, Graphite, Charcoal
Scale: Each 'page' is approx. 2.5" x 4"

Notes: Zoodles is probably one of the best things to do during a lunch break. I would suggest anyone to go and just draw up all the animals and people at the local zoo. They are sooo much fun! More to come on these...

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